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terrace garden

As you grow personally & professionally the responsibility and stress keeps on walking with you simultaneously and sometimes you feel like running away for a while to keep yourself fresh & active.For that many of you joins different activities like gym, dance, yoga, golf or any other sports or recreational activity or may be someone pack their bags and go for short weekend break. This surely is the stress buster but for a long term in respect to health too one need to visit their nearby garden or they can spend a quality time with their loved ones may be at their society terrace garden.

Now the question is arises what is a terrace garden?

Well, the answer is pretty simple. It is a garden in which vegetables, fruits or flowers are grown on terraces, balconies or roofs of buildings & can be created on almost all kinds of buildings like residential flats, individual houses, commercial hubs, godowns and factories. One needs to take care of simple water proofing of the roof which is pretty much enough for a terrace garden. Various water proofing products are available in the market that will ensure that the roof is protected, water-resistant and leakage-free.

Take any simple pot or ‘gamla’ or better still recycle any of your old containers to decorate your terrace garden. Now a days Government also ensures to have “GO GREEN” initiatives in various parts of the country. Recently on 11th of July,2016 on World population Day Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister initiated a Go Green campaign to plant 5 crore sampling around his state.

Few benefits of Terrace Garden

  • Reduces indoor temperature by 6- 8 degree and can reduce air conditioning cost
  • Dwindles overall heat absorption of buildings and insulates the building against heat and cold
  • Conducive to a routine of physical exercise, clean air and being close to nature
  • Increases amount of oxygen in the air
  • Use of recycled materials in the growing medium
  • Green roofs not only retain rainwater, but also moderate the temperature of the water and act as natural filters for any of the water that happens to run off.
  • Can be used at night for parties. Beautiful light fixtures with different colors can be used on a terrace which highlights your plants and increases the beauty of the terrace garden.
  • Terrace garden yield a greener urban environment and quality of life to people living in high density developments.
  • You can grow at least 6 vegetables per season. Your 1 sqm of terrace area can give you anywhere between 25 to 50 kg of vegetables in a year.

With increasing onus on everyone to maintain the ecosystem the developers also takes up responsibility about the health aspect of their valued customers. Besides the central gardens & health club in the society, they also maintains the greenery across the society through terrace garden which proves to be integral aspect in one’s routine life.


Disclaimer: All the content & data mentioned in this Blog are merely representative in nature based on rough estimates and are subject to change.

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