Being married is one of the beautiful bond in this world between two individual. This surely diversified the lives of both the individuals by sharing the responsibilities & practicality of life & once the wedding bells stop ringing, honeymoon is over, the reality of finances & setting up a new beginning will come into account. A couple will always yearn to have their dream home. Home buying is an aggravating process both mentally & financially. Here are the few components which newlywed should acknowledge before planning to buy a home.

  • Finances: As a couple you need to have good rounds of discussions on each other money situation. Co- mingling or co-managing money will be a new skill for many couple and many new spouses might not have a clear understanding of how much money or debt a spouse has. Assuming both the individuals are working & how much one can shed out from their respective salary as a part of monthly installment for their new home needs to be sorted out initially as this budget should include all your expenses.
  • Location: A couple has to work a lot on the location of the home as this factor plays an important role while deciding on home buying. In case you are living in a safe locality, or proximity to work, or how far you would need to travel to a hospital, shopping area, children’s park, schools etc. needs to be carefully considered before home buying 
  • Golden Rule : A thumb rule in this respect is ideally set aside 1/3rd of income for household expenses, the other 1/3rd on loan servicing, while routing the balance 1/3rd to investment vehicles to achieve one’s financial goals. It may happen that this ratio in short phases is not maintained, but reverting to this principle would always infuse the required discipline.


  • Bank Loan: Try to find out the bank which will give you home loan at lower rate of interest. Research as much as possible. With digitalization now a days people can attain great piece of information sitting anywhere in this world.
  • Home Décor – Couples now a days won’t compromise in their home interiors specifically, not because its fashion, but because it has become a necessity in this fast-paced lifestyle. There is a great variety of options available in the market for decorating your dream home. As it’s a continuous process and one can hold for few days and can buy things slowly & steadily & they need not empty their pockets instantly.

Home buying is a tedious task but an adventure too. Hold on to the right decision and the most important thing while choosing the best place to live in is FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCT.

Disclaimer: All the content & data mentioned in this Blog are merely representative in nature based on rough estimates and are subject to change.

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