Investing in Real Estate at an Early Age.

The time has changed drastically over the years. The perspective of the current generation has taken a different turn altogether.  The scenario has changed as well as investment options. Earlier, people used to invest in real estate at an age of 40 after getting stability in their work life, whereas now the real estate market in India has seen a transition, the average age of homebuyers is from between 25-30 years. This doesn’t mean that they don’t have any option for other investments but they themselves are more inclined towards real estate sector.

Considering the fact that in Indian Society investing in real estate is one of the major & biggest decisions of life. There is a drastic change in the thinking approach of young India. Young real estate buyers give more emphasis towards financial & eCM Security protects your privacymotional securities which also benefits the overall economy & the real estate industry. Easy financing option is another essential factor for the emergence of young real estate buyers.

“A very close friend who migrated himself from small town to metro city with a dream & a passion in his mind to own a property under his or his spouse name. He took his time to reach that milestone but end of the day he achieved with dignity & pride. Today he is a proud owner of three properties in a city like Delhi/NCR which is beyond the reach of many individuals. Besides lots of savings & hard work they took some harsh decisions in life and remain enthusiastic. Tons of mathematical calculation proves beneficial for them and they landed their where they always want to.”

Well a true inspiration for anyone.

Few Benefits of investing in real estate at a young age

  • Tax benefits – Under section 80C of income tax tax incentives are offered on repayment of home loans. However, the main benefit of buying a property at a young age is that you can claim tax deductions, in case if you have applied for a home loan. As per Section 80C of Income Tax Act, one can claim tax deductions of up to Rs 1.5 lakh every year on Principal repayment of a home loan.
  • Safest Investment -If taken carefully, then investing your hard earned money in real estate will be a safe investment decision. If you buy an under-construction property or a property in a developing area, there are more chances of you getting good returns in the future
  • Creativity – Buying real estate at a young age also gives you the opportunity to customize and create what you’re looking for. If you’re renting you have to run things by your landlord before you can do anything and you will be at their discretion. When you own your own home you can make the upgrades you want, decorate the way you’d like, and make any additions to the home you’d like.

Disclaimer: All the content & data mentioned in this Blog are merely representative in nature based on rough estimates and are subject to change.

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