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Indians believe their home to be a sacred and divine place to live. Indians get more attached to their home. Every detail, decorations, arrangements which they make to their home is with utmost thinking and imagination. They believe decorating the place they live in is more than just a pretty room. The perception of home is more than just a place to live in. The space we live, the way we decide to manage our spaces, the color we choose influences our psychology, the way we think and how our feelings and emotions flow.

Environmental Interiors, authors Mary Jo Weale, James W. Croake, and W. Bruce Weale argue that human beings experience their environments in five ways:

Through the senses—sight, touch, taste, hearing, and smell.
Through time and by movement through space.
Through reasoning or thought, memory or imagination.
Through emotions, both pleasant and unpleasant.
Through anticipation or expectation.

All of the above mentioned experiences are intuitive in nature. Talking about interior design in the above terms has different impact on how we relate our own self with the home decor. Through the sensory experience, we perceive our surroundings with the help of sight, touch, hearing and smell. The way our furniture is arranged, the kind of flowers we choose, the texture, the smell which empowers the environmental interior the amount of moving space we choose to leave also influences our interior.
Deciding the decor involves a lot of thought and imagination in terms of spatial orientation of the home. Many times the spaces and its orientation give unpleasant feelings. This reflects our personality as a whole.
Home decor is not just for the sake of decorations, but it involves a lot of thought and processes. Every space needs to be imagined and we’ll think before investing into a whole lot of money into it. The way we choose to decorate our home, modern, antique or a combination of both reflects on image of every individual who invests their time in the home.
Home decor explains that home is not just a place to live in, but also a reflection of one’s values, perceptions, emotions and feelings.

Disclaimer: All the content & data mentioned in this Blog are merely representative in nature based on rough estimates and are subject to change.

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