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Umang Realtech (P) Limited is a joint venture between Uppal Housing (P) Ltd. India’s premium real estate company known for its architectural grandeur and artistic finesse and Indus Capital Partners, LLC (USA) – a well known investment firm with significant presence in the Asian markets. Umang is a credible real estate player catering to mid segment housing apartments in Delhi and other parts of India. It strives to offer innovative residential solutions that stand for elegance, attitude and an upwardly mobile approach.

UMANG’s corporate veracity is encapsulated, embodied and expressed through one single word. Umang! In Sanskrit the name Umang means enthusiasm. Our name is woven into our brand identity. It signifies our passion, to create spatial dimensions, where every entity is rewarded with the finer things in life. It connotes an uncommon zest, to foster opportunities in real estate and share its rewards. It also indicates to an indelible commitment, and an indomitable spirit, to exceed every possible expectation.

Umang combines Uppal’s benchmark quality and value for money investments powered by Indus Capital Partners, LLC (USA). The result, a prominent industry player that guarantees timely delivery of the finest ideas in real estate business while ensuring maximum return on customer’s investments.

Umang already has a client base of over 2500 customers for its existing real estate projects spread across Delhi & neighboring satellite towns of Gurgaon, Faridabad & Bahadurgarh and is committed to providing homes in strategic areas that people can afford. Its prime focus lies on Group Housing schemes developed with a stamp of perfection.

Umang boasts of an experienced and forward thinking management comprising of leading industry experts from Uppal’s and Indus Capital Partners, LLC (USA). Umang shall continue to deliver efficient customer service maintaining a steady balance of quality and class across all its projects.

Uppal HousingIndus

Uppal’s appeal lies in its artistic splendour and luxurious comfort making it the most preferred choice for all its customers. The wide spectrum of its expertise in real estate has extended to various sectors including premium Residential Complexes, Commercial Plazas, Luxurious Hotels, IT and IT enabled facilities and Retail.

At Uppal’s we create concrete statements of architectural magnificence, with bricks and stones, evolving an architectural lingua franca, uniquely of our own. For over three decades, we have followed an individualized spatial design grammar, characterized by a seamless fusion of operational efficiency, planned dimensional synergy, and evolutionary resource applications.

Gradual diversification has seen the Uppal brand turn land into landmarks, including prime commercial, residential, hospitality and SEZ projects. An amalgam of innovative exclusives, make these among the most sought after properties in India, catapulting Brand Uppal into a towering symbol of unmitigated leadership.

The spin-off of our ascent as a credible urban infrastructure developer has seen us build longstanding associations and partnerships, within and outside the real estate industry. Besides Indus our other JV partners are QVC Realty P. Ltd and Trinity Capital-USA, who consolidate Uppal’s position as realty major. Alongside our JV partners are our associates like ADA Architects-USA, Arcop Associates Private Limited-India, Morphogenesis, Virgile and Stone-London, and a host of other international consultants who help to bring International work experience, solutions and standards in our work.

Quality speaks for itself, thankfully for us, after being around for almost 35 years we haven’t felt the need to talk about ours. We continue to stay committed to delivering high quality structures that are modern yet eco friendly. Indeed there are still greater laurels that await us and we shall always strive to achieve them in the future.

With every project, the company has grown from strength to strength and within a span of three decades, has successfully expanded in reach in every aspect of real estate development. The group has delivered more than 5000 units and 10 million sq ft till date and another 20 million square feet of space is under planning & development. It is consistently endeavoring to hone its competencies in new areas of hospitality, ITES and SEZ’s.

To know more about The Uppal Group, visit www.uppal.co.in

Indus Capital Partners, LLC (USA)Indus

Indus Capital Partners, LLC is an employee owned asset management firm. It was founded by David Kowitz and Sheldon Kasowitz out of New York in 2000. Since then it has expanded to Hong Kong, San Francisco, London and Singapore.

Indus manages about US $4 bn belonging to university endowments, foundations, affluent families and other long term investors.

Indus primarily invests in Asian markets and most members of the team have been investing in Asia for around 20 years. They have seen almost all the different cycles to have affected the Asian market since the early 90’s.

Indus Capital Partners applies intensive analysis and research to identify mis-priced investment opportunities in Japan, China, India and other parts of Asia. Since 2006, Indus started investing in the European markets and coupled with this they launched their own Asian private equity fund.

In aggregate, among all of its funds, Indus Capital Partners, manages approximately $3.3 billion. It is registered as an investment adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the US and its affiliate offices are regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the UK, the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong and the Financial Services Agency in Japan.

To more about Indus Capital Partners, visit www.induscap.com

Call us- +91 8010400500

Call us- +91 8010400500

Call us- +91 8010400500

Call us- +91 8010400500

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